Who are your clients?

We have the privilege of serving a spectrum of very nice people:

  • Young people who want to protect their family and start to accumulate some assets in spite of high taxes and higher family expenses.
  • Middle-aged people who are changing their focus from family responsibilities to that of planning for their retirement.
  • People nearing retirement who are seeking guidance in organizing their assets to guarantee a life with dignity.
  • Retired people concerned about administering their assets, assessing the risks of various investments, and understanding increasingly complex tax regulations.
  • Corporations and Non-Profit Organizations who seek to maximize the effectiveness of their investments.

Our clients cover the spectrum, from those with modest incomes or asset bases through to those with significant incomes and investment portfolios who share one thing in common – they all want to practice stewardship of the income and assets in their care.

How do you get paid?

GIC Brokerage is generally done without fees to you.  When we place a GIC deposit for you, the Financial Institution (FI) that we place the deposit with pays us a commission.  In rare instances, some FIs will charge fees for certain transactions, such as transferring out RSP or RIF dollars, or early redemption (if allowed).  In these cases, we will advise you of these fees prior to proceeding with the deposit.

Greg Goldsworthy is compensated in a couple of ways when helping clients invest in mutual funds.  Please review the GP Wealth Management Client Information Document for full details.

Tax preparation is billed based on the complexity of your file, and other administrative services are generally charged on either an hourly basis or a flat fee. Simpler problems result in nominal, modest invoices. The more complex the situation or difficult the circumstances, the higher the invoice.

Above all, you get unbiased, professional yet caring and personal service…solutions to your problems…with a smile…guaranteed.

YOU are never an interruption.

YOU are the reason we come to the office.

Contact us today for your NO-FEE initial interview.

We look forward to being of service.

What are you qualifications? (How do I know you can deliver?)

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What is your privacy policy regarding my personal info?

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